Accommodations & Meals - Cacique Cruiser


  • MOST ACCOMMODATIONS AND RESTROOM FACILITIES IN GUNA YALA ARE BASIC AND RUSTIC.  Please be sure you are well informed about the facilities of the island you have chosen to ensure your expectations are met.

  • There are no luxury options in Guna Yala. No islands offered here have air conditioning, some offer solar or generator power in the rooms and fans, others do not.

  • Most accommodations are built on sand, the quality of the matrassess is mediocre.

  • The restroom are shared amongst all island guests unless your booking specifically states that you have a private restroom.

  • The nicest accommodations available are private huts over the water with private restrooms and patio available in the upgraded version of our El Tranquilo package or our Limon y Sal package.  These need to be requested and booked well in advance. The Limon y Sal package also requires guests to purchase a flight through Air Panama because the island is too far to reach by boat efficiently.



  • El Original, Original Chill and El Tranquilo: 3 meals per day starting with lunch on day 1 and ending with lunch on the last day plus 1 snack on the day trip.

  • Coconut Express -  lunch and a snack. We recommend to bring some cash for breakfast and or snacks for in between, it will be a long day!

  • 1 Island Trips - : 3 meals per day starting with lunch on day 1 and ending with breakfast on your last day. .

  • We can recommend to take some more snack in case you have special dietary restrictions or you do not like a meal option.

  • Breakfast is not included the morning of pick up.

  • Drinking water is provided for guests on El Original, Original Chill, El Tranquilo and Coconut Express.  It is not provided for guests on 1 island trips.

  • Some dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or vegan can be met but meals will be basic and limited options.  If you have very special dietary requirements contact us, we may suggest you bring some of your own food. The options in the islands are limited.

  • Guests are responsible for providing their own beverages. These can be purchased at the market on the way out of Panama city or in the islands.

  • You have the chance to buy drinks on most of the islands (water, beer, soda etc.) and the Guna’s are also selling little homemade souvenirs like bracelets for example. Prepare and bring small bills (US Dollars are accepted).