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El Original - San Blas island hopping

The Best and Longest Running Island Hopping Trip in San Blas! THE DIFFERENCE Expert local guides and a bilingual host. Day trips to new islands each day with: Music, snorkeling ...
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Original Chill - San Blas islands trip

A more relaxed version of our El Original trip.  Enjoy the group, guide, trip to a Guna community, and 1 day trip to other islands. INCLUDES Round trip ground transport, pick up in Panama City between 5-6 a.m. on day 1 and arrive back about 7 p.m. on you last day Accomodations Basic meals Drinking water Boat rides to and from the port 1 day trip to 1 or 2 other beautiful beach islands A visit to a Guna community Bilingual guide on the day trip, who also stays on the island with you each night Snorkel equipment the whole trip Departing from the islands at 3 p.m. instead of 8 a.m. PRICES Dorm w/ Shared Restroom: 1 night = $158 + Indigenous entrance taxes ($22 foreigners, $7 Panama residents) 2 nights = $193 + Indigenous entrance taxes 3 nights = $228 + Indigenous entrance taxes   Private w/ Shared Restroom: 1 night = $173 + Indigenous entrance taxes ($22 foreigners, $7 Panama residents) 2 nights = $223 + Indigenous entrance taxes 3 nights = $273 + Indigenous entrance taxes All prices are per guest Price includes 1 day trip with our group and guide from El Original 1 night minimum, 5 nights maximum​ 2 guest minimum in a private rooms.  For 1 guest alone in a private hut there is an additional charge of $20 per night. Full payments with credit card will be charge an additional 4% Children and Kids prices Discounts Not Included: Indigenous entrance taxes ($22 foreigners, $7 Panama residents) Beverages other than drinking water ABOUT THE ISLAND & ACCOMMODATIONS Asseryaladub island is operated by part of the family that owns it. The cabanas and dorm are very basic, they have sand floors and lights in the evening only. The restrooms are separate from all accommodations and very basic as well. There are 2 toilets and 2 showers shared between all guests. There are not outlets for charging in most of the cabanas however guests may charge devices in the restaurant area in the evening. The meals provided on the island are simple and they do not generally offer much variety.  Though we monitor the quality of food through guests and visits we do not control the menu.  We are constantly providing feedback to the islands in an effort to change this, but the reality is the meal qualities vary. It is recommended that guests bring some snacks if they have big appetites or very specific dietary needs. We do not offer refunds or discount for rain or bad weather unless a trip is cancelled by us for safety reason.  May through October are months where it can rain very often, and November through April can have high winds that make the seas rough.  The weather changes often in the islands, our experienced guides and hosts do their best to keep guests dry, but the islands are a very rustic area and guests must be prepared accordingly for changing weather conditions. Please see our Refund Policy for more details. Please take a look at out Terms and Conditions  for the trips. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS TRIP AND EL ORIGINAL? The only difference between El Original and Original Chill is the number of day trips. El Original includes a day trip each day, Original Chill includes just 1 day trip.  El Original has been the most popular trip in San Blas for 5 years, and Original Chill is just a bit more relaxed version of this same experience. If you book Original Chill and would like to add day trips with our guide while in the islands you can do so.  Each additional day trip costs $25 and must be paid for in cash. The home island for both trips is the island of Asseryaladub.  Our bilingual guide stays overnight on this island with our guests, so the guide will be accessible whenever needed.  Also, both trips include a visit to the Guna island community of Carti Sugdub, the most populated island in the area and the commercial center of the islands.  With both trips guests get to leave the islands at 3pm on their last day. MORE USEFUL INFO Packing list & pre-trip information Pickup and drop off information Payment Cancellation and refund policy About San Blas islands  

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Limon y Sal - Get off the beaten path...in style

A SECLUDED GETAWAY DEEP IN THE HEART OF GUNA YALA AND ONLY A SHORT FLIGHT FROM PANAMA CITY THE DIFFERENCE Only 45 minutes from Panama city by small plane guests land in what feels like another world, alive with tradition, immersed in a wildly beautiful natural setting.  Right off the plane guests are welcomed by their Guna guide and taken to the private island lodge, just a few minutes ride by local motor boat. Once settled into private seafront or over water cabanas guests have the option to relax on their own or take part in 2 trips offered daily to visit unihabited beach islands or fascinating Guna villages.  Limon y Sal is the ideal option for travelers looking for a more private experience of natural beauty with a little bit more of comfort; like their own private accommodations with private restrooms and fans. We find these accomodations to be the nicest ones and with the best service available in all Guna Yala. Also flying to the islands you will avoid the 3 hour drive to the port and longer boat rides.​ INCLUDES Private accomodations (over the water or seafront) with private bathrooms orthopedic mattresses bath towels, soap and shampoo Three meals a day Coffee or tea with breakfast Water (from the Jug at the dining room area) Boat rides from and to the airport (small landing strip) you fly into 2 day trips to surrounding islands & pristine mainland jungle included each day of your stay Snorkeling equipment Beach towel Local Guna guide with basic English  Island & Guna indigenous taxes​ PRICES Starting at 2 days and 2 nights for $320 per guest / $160 extra night PLUS FLIGHT COST & TRANSPORT TO THE AIRPORT​ 2 guest minimum ADDITIONAL COSTS Flights - please write us for a quote, we are happy to arrange the flights for you. Other beverages & snacks available for purchase in the island Lobster ($15 per pound - availabillity seasonal​) BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS Click on the INQUIRE button on this activity or go to our LIVE CHAT  Tell us how how many guests are in your group, what dates you are interested in traveling, and if you would like us to include the flight booking and/or transportation to the airport in your quotation.   We will reply letting you know that we recieved your request, and will look to confirm availability.  Because of the remote location of the island sometimes it takes us up to 2 business days to confirm.   Once we have confirmed we will contact you will simple reservation and payment instructions. IMPORTANT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Please understand that you are entering an indigenous territory far away from any major city with their own traditions and customs. The staff will mainly be speaking Spanish and Guna, some speak English. Meals are delicious but with basic ingredients depending on availability in this secluded area.  Flight changes by the airline are not subject to our control. If flights get cancelled guests are responsible for covering the additional accomodation cost.  With your booking you make an important contribution to support the work on projects for solid waste management system & education programs for the community.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO AND OUR RECCOMENDED PACKING LIST   

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