Internship - Cacique Cruiser


Intern for a reputable tour agency in the tropics and earn school credit. Sound good?  Awesome, because it is not a gimmick and there is more...a lot more.


Interns with Cacique will be integral and respected members of our small team, and will be immersed in every aspect of our small business. The program has been designed to be diverse and to be a mutually educational experience. After an extensive onboarding and training process, interns will get experience in various aspects of our business operation. Interns are scheduled a maximum of 35 hours per week.  Each intern schedule will be individually designed based on the students focus and our business needs.  Often the shifts can be performed remotely, meaning the intern can work from anywhere with wifi and phone service. Interns are given a 1 week vacation during the program as well.


Duties and locations include:

Attending our trips in the San Blas islands.

Performing guest and coordinating trip logistics from Panama City.

Assisting operations with our new tourism project in the remote Pacific coast town of Torio.

Participating in business planning and sales/ marketing strategy with the management team




Cacique Cruiser accepts qualified interns for period of no less than 3 months.  We will have a maximum of 2 interns at any given time.  

Interns are assigned shifts and/or tasks totaling no more than 35 hours per week.



Excellent communication skills: English - excellent, Spanish - minimum Intermediate level. Interns must be conversational in Spanish and English. While in the islands interns will be responsible for translating conversations and instructions between the 2 languages.

Interpersonal skills: Outgoing personality & excellent guest service

Pro-active and initiative taking

Ability to deal with stressful situations

Problem solving skills

Team player

Experience in hospitality preferred




Actual schedule will depend on company need, school or program requirements, and interns job specific skills or desired areas of development.


Week 1  -  Orientation Panama City - 5 day training. This will include reading, projects, shadowing staff members, and practical testing.


Week 2 - Orientation Guna Yala Islands - 5 day training.  This will include on the job training, a visit to the islands and an introduction to the culture by our local friends.


Week 3 to 6 - (Panama City/ Guna Yala/ Torio) - Program specific schedule.


Week 7 Break

Week 8 to 12 Panama City/ Guna Yala/ Torio) - Program specific schedule. 




$1200 for a 12 week period / $150 each additional week.


This cost covers:

  • Accommodations, meals and taxes when visiting Guna Yala.

  • Accommodations when assigned to work in Torio.

  • All training materials

  • SIM card with data for work use. Interns may use their own unlocked smartphone or we can provide them one for use for a fully refundable deposit of $200*

  • All transport cost for work

  • Airport pickup & drop off

  • Assistance finding a place to live in Panama City (we do not pay the cost of this)


This cost does not cover does not cover:

  • The costs of travel to or from Panama or entrance taxes into the country.  

  • Accommodations other than when visiting Guna Yala or assigned to work in Torio.

  • Meals other than when visiting in the islands of Guna Yala.   




  • Duties and responsibilities are clearly detailed and performance is measured. Each Cacique intern meets weekly with their manager to review their performance.  During this meeting interns specifically will also discuss learning opportunities, business planning and specific projects with their manager.
  • Cacique Cruiser will share these reports with the intern and if requested also with the interns university.
  • Cacique Cruiser will also complete any reporting required by the intern or the university.
  • Interns that fail to meet the requirements of their job description continually, violate the company's code of conduct, or violate Panamanian law will be dismissed from the program. No refunds will be made for partially completed months.