Pick up & Drop off information - Cacique Cruiser


The evening before the trip we will send you a message by Whatsapp or email with a specific pick up time for your location as well as reminder of important trip information.


First Day

  • Pick up in Panama City: between 5-6 am

  • Arrival to the port: approximately 9 am

  • The driver will pick you up at any location within Panama City between 5 and 6 am. The evening before the trip (by 7 pm) you will receive a Whatsapp or email message with a more specific pick up time for your location and name of your driver. This is because we generally have pick ups all over the city, and each evening we need to plan our route for the next day.

  • In the Whatsapp chat you will find all our drivers numbers which makes it easier for you to communicate with them directly in the morning in case there are any problems or delays. If you do not get invited into this group chat by 8pm the day before please write us an email or call us. Also please know that our drivers don't speak English but you can always ask them to contact us directly if you have any doubts. If you do not have a Whatsapp number, we will be happy to send you an email with the approx time of pick up.

Last Day

  • Departure from the island/s: 8 am (morning departure), 3 pm (afternoon departure)

  • Arrival back to Panama City:  approximately noon or 7 pm

  • Afternoon departure is standard on El Original, Original Chill, El Tranquilo and Coconut Express

  • Morning departure is standard on 1 Island Trips (Chichime, Diablo, Fanklin, Icodub, Nubesidub)

  • All times are approximate

The Ride

  • The vehicles that provide service to the Guna territory are heavily regulated.  There is a very limited number of approved vehicles, each of which carries a maximum of 6 passengers.  So unless your group is exactly 6 guests or you booked private transport the vehicle that picks you up will likely make other stops to pick up more guests.  

  • The drive from Panama City to  the port is approximately 3 hours. This does not include: picking up other guests, the stop at the market, waiting times at a variable amount of police checkpoints, queue time at the entrance of the Guna territory, traffic, or weather delays.

  • The 4x4 transport vehicles will stop at a market on the way out of Panama City. 

  • Once the jeeps turn off the main highway there will be about one total hour of driving through dramatic hills and turns.  This total stretch is about 42 kilometers and there are markers on the side on the road with the kms if you would like to keep track.