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Each boat and crew is different, as such the each trip experience is a bit unique


Please read all of the information below and on our boat pages to make sure the trip in general and specific boat are right for you.  


 Contact us via LIVE CHAT or email to make sure spots are available for the boat of your choice.  You can also contact us by clicking on the INQUIRY button on the boat you like.


Make a $50 deposit payment through our secure payment system by clicking the BOOK NOW button on the webpage for the boat you have confirmed.  The balance will be due in cash on the day of departure.

sailboats Panama/ Colombia



The trip to Colombia is not a guided tour, and also not a luxury cruise. It is an adventure through an archipelago of app 365 breathtaking islands inhabited by the local indigenous population the Guna with a fascinating culture.Guests on board will be expected to help out with the food preparation, sailing and with other things when the crew needs an extra hand. Cabins are shared (unless arranged differently) and often some of the sleeping spots are the common area. It is a backpacker trip and only minimum privacy can be expected. If you have the mindset to go and experience something new, you can have fun and



  • Most trips between Panama and Cartagena Colombia are 5 days/ 4 nights

  • Most trips between Panama and Sapzurro/ Capurgana, Colombia are 4 days/ 3 nights

  • Trips departures and arrivals may be delayed by weather.  This is out of our control.  We will not be held responsible for things such as missed hotel bookings or flights if the boat does not meet it's estimated schedule. 



  • The trips cost between $445 and $650 depending on the boat & route you are taking.

  • Transport to the boat is not included in the cost.  

  • We make your boat booking at no additional cost for you. Easy online booking & consultation before your trip.



Portobelo / Puerto Lindo:

  • All boat trips (with 1 exception) arrive and depart from either Portobelo or Puerto Lindo.  These are near to each other on the caribbean side of the country about 2-3 hours away depending on the transport method.
  • Public transport. Take a bus from Albrook bus terminal (app $10). Additional cost $20 indigenous entrance fees. OR...
  • Some boats offer a shuttle service from the hostel ($25 - $30 per guest).  Additional cost $20 indigenous entrance fees.

The port of Carti in Guna Yala (San Blas): Motor boat trips only:

  • Ground transport into the territory is highly regulated. No public connections are available.  Therefore when a boat departs from within the territory guests must also reserve the transport through us.  .
  • 1 way ground transport costs $30 plus Guna territory entrance fees of $22 foreigners/ $7 Panama residents.



1) Cartagena Colombia:

  • This route takes guest all the way to famous Colombian port city of Cartagena.  The majority of boat trips have Cartagena as their port of entry in Colombia.
  • The boats first cruise through north western islands of Guna Yala for around 3 days, after which they cross open ocean for 2 days before arriving. This route can only be done by sailboat.
  • Advantage: Sailing Adventure and end your trip in Cartagena.
  • The islands where the boat drops anchors anchor and the exact route depend on the Captains preferences and weather at the time.


2) Sapzurro/ Capurgana, Colombia:

  • These are neighboring coastal port towns in the Northern part of Colombia very near the border with Panama. This area is surrounded by primary jungle and has no road access.  It is an incredible place to visit especially for nature lovers. However, guest traveling onward will need to take a small boat to reach a town that offers ground or air transportation.
  • This trips route is along the coast line, mainly staying within the beautiful islands of Guna islands This route can be done by sail boat or speedboat.
  • Advantage: More time in the islands and no open water crossing that can be rough and make you seasick.



  • Captain & Crew
  • Accomodation for all nights of your trip - on a sailboat you will always sleep onboard, when taking the speedboat you will sleep in local island accommodations, usually dorms or hammocks
  • All meals - some trips provide snacks o fruit. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian etc) or food allergies. All the boats we work with can cater to dietary restrictions. However please understand that on the trip there might not always be an special meal available for you eg you might just need to eat rice, salad and lentils without the meat or fish if you are vegetarian. Bringing additional snacks can never hurt!
  • Coffee or Tea with breakfast (sailboat trips only)
  • Water (only on sailboats) - for the motor boat trip make sure to bring enough water
  • Immigration - if you are a Canadian Citizen please read more details on the immigration section about additional fees.
  • Excursion to islands
  • Island fees
  • Snorkels & masks
  • Fishing gear (on some boats)
  • Adventure!



  • 1) Stamping out of Panama
    • a) When sailing to Cartagena. Your captain will collect your passports before the departure and will do the stamp out for you at the immigration office in Portobelo / Puerto Lindo
    • b) When taking the route along the coast to Sapzurro / Capurgana your captain will collect your passports before the departure and will do the stamp out for you at the immigration office in Puerto Obaldia.
  • 2 Stamping into Colombia
    • a) When in Cartagena. Your captain will bring your passports to the immigration office in Cartagena. They will do the immigration process there. This process may take up to 24h! You may be asked to stay on the boat until its done or at times you can leave and go to your hostel. The captain should bring your passport to your hostel.
    • b) When in Capurgana. You can go to the immigration office yourself and get your stamp. This process is usually done quickly.
  • Immigration is free. Only Canadian Citizens are being charged app $80 when entering Colombia.



  • Bring enough cash to pay the balance and have extra cash for on the trip. You might want to buy a coconut or a souvenir in the islands. Also make sure you are informed about your travel expenses from where your boat trip ends. THERE IS NO ATM IN THE ISLANDS.
  • Pack a small backpack / daypack with what you will need on your trip. Your big backpack will be stored away for space reasons and will not be accessible during the trip.
  • What To Pack:
  • Passport
  • Money
  • Beach clothes
  • Bathing suits
  • Towel
  • 1 sweater
  • Light jacket that can protect you from wind and or rain
  • All electronics (recommended in ziplock (phone) or trash bags (laptops)
  • Toiletries
  • Sunblock
  • Bug spray
  • Medication if needed
  • Seasickness pills
  • Flashlight
  • Alcohol, mixers
  • Snacks
  • Cigarettes (if you are a smoker)
  • Water (only if you are taking the motor boat))



  • May through November are the months of the rainy season - boat rides can be wet, sometimes very wet.
  • November through April are the months of the windy season (January and February are very windy!!!)
  • Please make sure to protect all your items. We recommend you purchase plastic bags for your luggage and zip-lock bags for your valuables.
  • Also, it is important to understand that there is always the possibility that a trips departure may be delayed due to weather.  Also, there is a chance that once in the islands the trip may have to wait out bad weather, increasing the length of the trip, We do not recommend booking this trip if you are on a strict schedule.



  • Each boat is an independent operator. Cacique Cruisers provides boat, crew and availability information, pre trip guest services, reservation and booking service, and the arrangements for transport to the boat. The boats are independent entities.  Cacique Cruiser is not liable for the boats or actions of their crews.
  • Cacique Cruiser researches the boats and crews as much as possible, and we take this process very seriously.  We also rely on guest feedback. All past client reviews are made available through the Cacique Cruiser booking system. If one would like to provide feedback about a boat or captain to help future travelers make a decision regarding sailboats to Colombia, please help us by sending an email to: mytrip@caciquecruiser.com once you arrive at your destination.
  • Cacique Cruiser provides agency services for the boats as well as potential guests. Please understand that the boats are in no way associated with Cacique Cruiser in any manner other than that stated above.