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BOAT TO PANAMA - San Blas Catamaran

San Blas Cat is one of the biggest catamaran operating in the San Blas islands traveling form Panama to Colombia and back. 


Boat Description

  • 6,5m x 8,2m (56’ x 27’) , sleeps up to 18 guests plus crew.
  • 2 private double cabins, 1 Cabin x 2 doubles, 4 berths in the saloon, 2 double bunks, 2 single bunks.
  • 2 Showers (everybody can freshwater shower every day).
  • 2 toilets.
  • 110 m2 deck space, 2 trampolines.


Schedule & Route

  • 4 Days, 3 nights - We go thru the San Blas islands, following the coast closely,  the coast closely.  60% of the time we sail behind sheltering reefs and islands on calm waters. Approximately 3 hours each day of time off the boat and on the beach.
  • Since 2008 we have sailed the Panamanian shores and appreciated the clear waters and unspoiled reefs with their rich under water life. In this time we have seen mantas, hammerheads, whale sharks, nurse sharks and all types of reef sharks as well as sting rays, eagle rays, sometimes in large groups. Sharks in this area are shy and not aggressive.



  • 3 meals a day (plus lemonade, tea, coffee, water, Ice).
  • A new anchorage spot every night a different anchorage.
  • Shared cabin sleeping accommodations.


Not included

  • Transport to the boat’s starting point in Puerto Obaldia - Take a ferry (approx. $30) to Capurgana.. Then take a motor boat (approx. $10) to Puerto Obaldia.
  • Guna territory entrance and port taxes
  • Alcohol. Bring your own alcoholic Drinks.
  • We suggest bringing USB device with music.


About the food

Our diet on includes fish, crabs, and lobster sold by the local fishermen and caught by us, as we tow a 200 lbs. fishing line sometimes with success. But a fine sirloin steak or roast beef finds also its way on the plates on board. We cater to Vegan or Vegetarian diet as well if  we have advanced notice of these dietary restrictions.

3 days and 2 nights in the San Blas islands

2 days and 2 nights crossing open ocean to Cartegena Colombia

Aspectos importantes

  • 3 days and 2 nights in the San Blas islands
  • Fresh seafood
  • A once in a lifetime sailing experience



  1. Portobelo