CHARTER SAILBOAT - Micamale - Cacique Cruiser


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  • Day 1

Activity for the first day


  • Day 2 

Activity for the second day


  • Final Day

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Packing List 

  • YOUR ORIGINAL PASSPORT (a copy is not accepted).
  • A SMALL BAG with clothing, swimming suit, towel, raincoat and of course sunscreen. Most Hostels and Hotels have a storage room to secure your large bag while you are away. Small waterproof bags are inexpensive and are very useful as are flashlights or headlamps.
  • WATER & BEVERAGES (at least 2 liters/day), beers and alcohol, snacks.  With the exception of sailboat charters beverages are not provided with meals.  Water, coca cola and domestic beer are available for purchase on most islands.
  • A METHOD FOR SECURING YOUR MONEY AND VALUABLES method such as a lock and a small bag that travels with you daily. The islands are a generally safe place, but there are no lockers. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • CASH.  Bring enough cash to pay your balance (unless you have paid in full with a credit card) and for any purchases you may want to make while in the islands.  There are no ATM’s or banks in Guna Yala.  We do stop at a market on the way to the port but the ATM’s there often run out of cash.  ALL TRANSACTIONS IN THE ISLAND ARE PAID IN CASH AND CREDIT WILL NOT BE EXTENDED.  
  • THE JEEP RIDE IS APPROXIMATELY 2.5 HOURS EACH WAY plus the time the jeeps are stopped at the market. Approximately 1 hour of this ride is on a very windy road filled with hills.  If you are prone to motion sickness it is advised that you take appropriate medication to avoid sickness on this road. 

Aspectos importantes

  • Your own private boat through the Guna Yala region
  • Snorkel trip or whatever other activity 
  • Drinks, food and snacks
  • You'll be sleeping on the boat


  1. San Blas