CHARTER SAILBOAT - Spray - Cacique Cruiser



The Boat & Ammenities:

  • 52ft, constructed in 1982.
  • Sleeps 11 guests total, 2 double beds and 7 singes.  There are no private rooms when the boat is full. 
  • 2 shared restrooms.

The Crew:

  • Captain Sebastian is a Colombian captain that has been sailing since he was a child, he is a professional windsurfer and Industrial designer, he  has the international captain’s license and he have been sailingacross the Caribbean and done many trips between San Blas and Cartagena. Sebastian knows a lot of beautiful places of the Kuna Yala territory.
  • Jose is the first mate, he is from Cartagena and he has spent the last years working at the Marina Club Nautico 
  • Lisa is from Germany is the cook, she prepare  amazing food , heaps of Veggies, lots of flavor, and generous portions.
    English, Spanish and German are spoken on the boat. 

About The Trip:

  • Starts from Portobelo to San Blas Islands - Cartagena
  • 3 days are spent in the Lemon and Dutch Keys. 
  • Then there is a 2 day open ocean crossing to Cartegena, Colombia. 


Cost & What Is Included:

  • $550
  • Meals 
  • Non-alcoholic beverages with meals
  • Drinking water 


What Is Not Included:

  • Transportation to the sailboat - Departs from : Portobelo.  Guests can take public buses to reach the boat, cost total app $10
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • snacks
  • towels




  1. Portobelo